BYOD @ Kurnai

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is one strategy towards flexible learning environments that we recognise maximises learning potential. We want to give Kurnai College students the chance to use their portable technology at school as a learning tool. The device needs to be treated as the main form of resource material for our students.

For more detailed information on minimum requirements including iOS info please view the College's ICT Policy


Operating System:

Windows 10      (Not Windows 10 S or Windows 10X)


Devices supporting wireless 802.11 n/ac


At least 8 hours

Screen Size:

A screen size of at least 10 inches

(13+ inches recommended if in Art/Media electives)


At least 120 GB Solid-State SSD

(240GB+ recommended if in Art/Media electives)

Operating System Requirements

Windows Laptop, Netbook,Tablet:  Windows 10 v2004 and above.

Note: Please ensure if purchasing a Windows device it does not have " Windows 10s " as this has limited functionaly, and the inabilty to install the College's provided Office365 suite and Wireless verification certificates.

Our operating environment is based around the x86 Windows 10 platform, applications, support, and instructions will be limited for other platforms such as Chromebooks, Android, MacOS


How do I purchase?


Parents have a number of options available and we have put together a number of purchasing portals that will simplify the device selection process.







We offer Finance Support
The College provides support for the purchase of BYOD through Centerpay. Anyone getting payments through Centrelink can sign up to have fortnightly amounts paid to the school. The College will purchase the device and let families pay it off over time. Please contact your child's campus office for more information.