Approving and providing consent for Events

  • Go to the Kurnai College Compass Portal here and login you will see your Student(s) overview.

  • If your student has a pending event in Compass you will be notified via a GREEN notification that lists an event awaiting consent and/or payment as shown below.

  • When you click to provide consent, you will be taken to the Action Centre page which lists all events upcoming for your student, here you can choose to either consent online ( see below steps ), or print an offline form ( Step 6 ) to fill out, sign and return to your student’s reception office.

  • For Online consent, review ( if any ) Medical Records and Contact Details. Once satisfied these details are correct enter your name in the text box and Submit.

  • Once the Online form is submitted you will no longer see an event pending action under the Action Centres main page but now under the Events option, no further actions will be required.

  • For Offline consent, a printable version of the permission form will be downloaded. Print this form and confirm the details listed. If your student has any medical requirements please note these on the form, sign and date the form and tear off on the dotted line and return the slip to your student’s reception office.

  • Once the School Administration receives your permission slip your events page will be update to reflect a completed consent/payment process. Note: this process is automatic for Online Consent.